Beating the Summer Heat and Cocogo Giveaway

July means summer is in full swing here in Oklahoma. July brings swimming, grilling, and long hot summer days. The hot and humid weather Oklahoma is experiencing can have a big impact on your running.  Here are a couple of tips you can incorporate into your strategy of how to beat the heat and keep running all summer long.

1. Run Early – Often times the summer months require outdoor runs be done  early in the morning (5:00 AM) in order to beat the oppressive heat and humidity.

2. Dreadmills – Many runners  dread the treadmill. But during the peak summer months, those indoor treadmills can be a useful strategy for preventing dehydration, muscle cramps, and heat exhaustion so that you can stay on your feet over the many days of hot summer weather.

3. Pre-hydration – The first step in preventing dehydration is to ensure you are well-hydrated before workouts and races. According to Runners’ World a good rule of thumb is drinking until your urine is lightly colored provides another indication that you are well-hydrated. They also suggest drinking about a pint of fluid approximately two hours before exercise to help ensure adequate hydration and to allow time to excrete excess water.

4. During and  Post Hydration – If you’re going on a long run make sure you bring water along or have water stops planned along your route.  After those long runs (lasting more than an hour), including drinks that contain sodium in your rehydration plan can aid in water retention and allow to more quickly replace lost fluids after running.

There are a lot of sports drinks to choose from but Run Oklahoma would like to offer you the the chance to try Cocogo for your summer hydration needs. Cocogo is a coconut water drink mix that aids with hydration and electrolyte balance. One benefit of a drink mix is that you can add as little or as much of the mix to your water to get the right amount that best suites your preference or need. Another benefit to this particular drink mix is that it’s not super sweet like most sports drinks. The coconut water helps replenish lost minerals and it’s lightly flavored with real fruit rather than food coloring and artificial flavors.

cocogo hydration pack

Run Oklahoma is giving away a three box variety of Cocogo and bottle to one lucky runner.

Enter the Run Oklahoma Cocogo Giveaway. 

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