What to Wear on Your Run?

Fall and spring are the best times of year to get outside and run. However, with mild temperatures you may find yourself overdressed. Having to peel off layers and stash them for the remainder of a run can be a pain.  Well, so can drastically under dressing. Whichever side you tend to fall on, here are some simple guidelines to help you dress for any run. Don’t forget essential running accessories like hats, gloves, and sunscreen depending on season and preferences.

What to Wear on Your Run

What to Wear on Your Run Infographic


More Ideas on What to Wear

Also here’s a list of web based tools to help you figure out what to wear on your next run.

Runner’s World – What to Wear – Just enter a few details about your run and it will determine the perfect attire for your run.

Dress My Run –  No need to enter any data. It determines your location from your computer’s IP address and displays the current weather conditions as well as what to wear on you run. To top it off, the site provides links to purchase the items on Amazon.

What to Wear When Running – Fleet Feet Mahwah has a great article on the different types of fabrics running clothes are made of and when to wear them. Not all fibers are equal.


Are there guidelines or rules of thumb you follow to dress for your runs?




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4 DIY Running Costumes for the Procrastinator

So you’ve signed up for a race in Halloween costume race. Even though you planned and expertly executed your training, your plan for a costume is still lacking. Never fear, Run Oklahoma has some quick, easy, do-it-yourself costume ideas that even the best procrastinator can pull off.

Running Bandit – You’re dressed as a bandit and you’re running in a race. Get it?! Well, regardless of the cheese factor, Lia Griffith still came up with a totally easy costume to put together. Black leggings, black gloves, black hat, black mask, and a little fabric with a dollar symbol  and you’re ready to run in a completely functional costume.


Skeleton – What would a Halloween racing costume be without a spooky costume?  Well thank your lucky stars that Martha Stewart has you covered with a tutorial video and templates to create a skeleton rib cage cut out. Pair it with black running tights and if you’re feeling adventurous throw on some skeleton face paint as well.

skeleton costume

Pirate –  Pirate costumes can be easy to create AND conducive to running. Are you sensing a theme here? All you need are a few yards of your favorite pirate fabric. Cut it to create a head scarf and a sarong. Fray the edges of the fabric to give it that swashbuckler feel and you’re set. Photo from Another Mother Runner.

running pirates

Baker and Gingerbread Man – This idea is great for couples. All you need is an apron and rolling pin for the baker. The gingerbread man costume can be some inexpensive scrubs or sweats painted with fabric paint. Totally cute. Totally versatile. Run run just as fast as you can. You can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man.


Product Review – Soleus Pulse Heart Rate Monitor

I recently purchased the Soleus Pulse Heart Rate Monitor because I was looking for a reliable, entry-level heart rate monitor to use while running to help me improve my training. As a first time heart rate monitor user I was excited for this watch because with the sensor directly in the in the wrist band there would be no need for a chest strap to fuss with or ultimately misplace.

soleus pulse

As the product name would suggest, the primary benefit of the watch is to offer heart rate readings on your wrist. Heart rate monitors can be a useful tool to track and trend your fitness by telling you how hard your heart is working. It can also help you avoid making the common mistake of running too fast too often, which puts you at risk for injury and burnout. But beyond the heart rate monitor, the watch boasts many other features such as step counter, 3D accelerometer that can calculate your distance and pace, as well as a timer for interval runs and an easy to manage price point.

Typically the Soleus Pulse retails at $149. However, I purchased this watch from Backcountry because they were having a big sale marking the watch at a 65% discount. The other great thing about ordering from Backcountry during this sale was that they offered two day free shipping with orders over $50.



It may seem frivolous but everyone enjoys a gift in appealing packaging. Soleus products are no different. The bright yellow and black box and beautiful ‘S’ design make the packaging a fun item to open. I was a little worried about charging the watch. I really didn’t want to add one more device to the crazy pile of wires plugged into my surge protector. However, the charging process for the watch was really very easy. The watch has a USB, prong charger. It ‘s an easy system to use if you have a computer or AC Adaptor handy. I used my Apple AC Adaptor that comes with the iPhone and it worked just fine to allow me to plug in Soleus charger. Pictures don’t seem to do the overall appearance of the watch justice. Once it arrived, I felt like it looked a bit more sturdy and sleek than in pictures. Also I do like the mottos they place on the back of the watches. Each model has a different motto.


I’ve seen others post about the ineffectiveness of the quick start instructions that come with the watch. I was no different and had to watch YouTube videos to understand the interface and basic functionality of the watch. I also found the watch uncomfortable. I am relatively small is size so the watch felt big and clunky on my wrist. Also in order to the get the heart rate monitor optical sensor to work properly the watch had to be pretty tight on my wrist. The sensor pressed against my wrist was scratchy and uncomfortable.

I took the watch for a test spin on the treadmill so that I could compare the heart rate monitor read out on the watch to that of the treadmill. Unfortunately, the watch was off by about 30 beats per minute the entire time. I wasn’t able to get an accurate reading on the watch the entire 30 minute run. The only time I got reading on the watch close to the treadmill reading was while walking.

I also tested the watch on a stationary bike. The heart rate monitor read on the watch was much more accurate while riding the bike. I attribute this to the lack of arm movement and providing the sensor with greater stability.


Final Opinion

As a data geek, the Soleus Pulse Heart Rate Monitor is just not going to work for me. The inability to get an accurate reading while running was my biggest dislike. However, the price along with the long list of functionalities would make for a good watch for someone that just had a general curiosity of heart rate while engaging in activities such as hiking or biking. I’m going to return the Soleus Pulse and try a different Heart Rate Monitor.

Where to Recycle Running Shoes in Oklahoma

Happy Earth Day! Today marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day and celebrates the efforts of more than 192 countries in supporting environmental protection. Runners in Oklahoma are no different and we take great pride in maintaining and preserving this beautiful state  we love to race across. There are even a few local options that Oklahoma runners can utilize to reduce, reuse, or recycle their running equipment.


Reusable water bottles made of recyclable materials such as glass or aluminum are a great way to reduce waste that is produced in not only producing plastic water bottles but in the disposal of them as well.


If you have a pair of gently used running shoes that maybe didn’t work out , were the wrong size, or just need an update then Soles4Souls is a great opportunity to share those shoes so someone can get some good use of them. Soles4Souls  is a shoe charity that gives “gently used” shoes to those in need. The Soles4Souls team coordinated relief efforts for the Asian tsunami and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, netting over 1 million pairs donated for these disasters. There are a couple of metro OKC locations that accept donations such as Brighton Collectibles located at 1901 NW Expressway, Nancy Farha’s at 120 North Robinson, and The Lamkin Clinic at 120 North Bryant Avenue in Edmond.

Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program collects worn-out athletic shoes (any brand, not just Nike) and recycles them (rather than going into landfills) into material used in sports surfaces like basketball courts, tennis courts, athletic fields, running tracks and playgrounds for kids around the world. You can drop your old, worn down shoes at The Nike Factory Store at the Outlet Shoppes on West Reno Avenue.


Beyond shoes, if you have energy bars wrappers such as Clif bars or performance packets such as Gu then Terracycle can help you to recycle them. Terracycle has partnered with different organizations to create a free recycling program and a fundraising opportunity for participants.


Three Important Things to Remember When Buying Running Shoes

You’ve decided it’s time to upgrade those ratty old sneakers that have seen better days. The only trouble with leaving your old, faithful sneaks behind is the daunting selection of running shoes that exists. It’s likely been several years since you purchased your current shoes and therefore entirely possible the newest model of the same shoes is now different. So it just makes sense to really take inventory of what the running shoe market has to offer these days and research some different options.

  1. Expect a Workout – The best and really only way to know if a shoe is right for you is to get moving in them. Most running stores have a treadmill within the store or will allow you to take the shoes outside for a quick jog in the parking lot. When taking your test drive of the shoes, pay close attention to all of the pinches and pokes you feel in the shoe. They may seem minuscule right now but deep into your log run those once small pinches will feel like a boulder in your shoe.
  2. Shoes Make a Difference – You may not be an elite runner with a sponsorship deal but you do deserve a good quality shoe in your budget. I urge you to save up and allow yourself to splurge on a shoe towards the higher end of your budget that meets all your fit requirements. Your feet are where this running journey begins, so be good to them and you will hopefully be able to continue running for years to come.
  3. Listen to Your Gut – Most Sales Associates at speciality running stores are well versed in the different styles and fits of various running shoes. They are there to assist you and often guide you in the right direction. However, you are ultimately the one that knows your body best and what your feet feel most comfortable in. Listen to your instincts and choose the shoe that feels the best on your foot. You will have a long relationship with them so might as well start off on a good note.

The bottom line in finding the shoe that’s right for you is be patient and don’t be afraid to try on a million shoes.