Friday Five: Jen Chooses Joy

We’re starting a new tradition called The Friday Five. But this idea isn’t new. Social media and blogging are, at times, a great way to connect with people you otherwise wouldn’t even know. Take, for example, Jen from Jen Chooses Joy. I “met” her through Instagram and caught on to her blog. She was very open about her experiences with running, incredibly engaging with her audience, and had an infectious outlook because the JOY radiated from the pages of her blog and from her pictures. But last fall she disappeared from the interwebs. She ran the NYC Marathon and POOF, she stopped posting all together. Perhaps her disappearance is due to the other side of social media and blogging that consists of internet trolls and negativity or maybe she just didn’t want to do it anymore. Whatever the reason, as a fan of her blog I wish her nothing but the best.

One of the things I miss from her blog is The Friday Five. It was just a list of five things that she was thinking about, laughing about, or enjoying. That’s it. Just five things going on in her life. But oddly enough it was a fun quick way to connect with someone or just something silly to look forward to on Friday. With Jen’s departure from blogging, I’m going to pick up The Friday Five tradition and make it a regular topic for Run Oklahoma. So without further ado, let’s get Friday rolling with Run Oklahoma’s first Friday Five.

1. Ice Cold Showers – After running in the heat of the summer an immediate shower sure sounds magnificent. A much needed way to rinse away all the sweat and salt. A hot or even warm shower just doesn’t seem to do the trick because I’m still sweating after the shower. So I’ve diverted to cold showers. I must say they are actually a relief from the humidity. It feels like steam is coming off my head once that cold water hits me. Not only has it been really good for my hair and skin, but I like to think that the cold water helps with muscle fatigue and inflammation from my runs and aiding with recovery. Not sure if it is but who cares; I like it.




2. Walmart Grocery Pick Up – They must have heard customers loud and clear that were saying “I’d rather pay more money and go to Target than go to Walmart” because now you don’t have to go inside Walmart to get their deals. A couple of months ago Walmart launched their Free Grocery Pick Up. You simply place an order online, choose a time slot, and your order will be loaded directly into your car at your local Walmart. I’ve tried it and I’m hooked.



3. Oiselle Go Tank and Flyte Shorts – This is my go to summer running outfit. The Go Tank is the quintessential Oiselle summer tank. Light weight. Breathable. Comfortable. Cute colors. The Flyte Shorts are like a second skin ensuring that thigh rubbing  and subsequent chaffing are kept to a minimum.


4. The Assistants – I’m currently reading this book about underpaid millennial assistants that steal money from the multinational media conglomerate they work for to pay off thousands of dollars of student loan debt. I’m half way through and so far so good.


5. Salad Cat – I know it’s ridiculous but I look at this picture probably once a day and get a chuckle from it. Every. Single. Time.


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