Oiselle Née Day Anniversary Sale

What is a Née Day? Well it’s French for happy birthday to Oiselle… and you!

Oiselle is turning ten, and to celebrate, their best styles are on sale. Plus – they are offering up party favors. Get $20 off an order in May, and their Flight Manual in every purchase. Don’t miss this anniversary opportunity – this #Flystyle will fly!


Here are a few of my favorite items that are included in this sale.

Muscle Long Sleeve Top

(Originally $76 Now $48)

The material is so smooth, but those shoulder cut outs are to die for!


Flyout Short Sleeve

(Originally $58 Now $42)

I’m head over heals for the Flyout material. The flyout material hovers over the body and its power is in complementing your body’s natural cooling process, by moving sweat to the surface where it evaporates away from your skin.


 Roga Running Skirt

(Originally $52 Now $38)
The one and only Roga Skirt is back and this time with hidden compression shorts. The result: even more coverage than the original. My Roga Skirt doubles as a running skirt and golf skirt. It’s got great, stretchy fabric and lots of coverage. I never thought I’d like running in a skirt but the Roga Skirt proved me wrong.


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