Why Running Friends are the Best Friends

International Day of Friendship is Saturday, July 30th. I’m sure you have a great set of friends you’ve know your entire life or work buddies that take you out for drinks when the work week has been bad. But really, the best type of friends are your running friends and here’s why:


They are Your Kind of Crazy – Who else will wake up at 4 am on a Saturday and meet you to make sure you get your long run done before the day gets too hot, or kiddo’s soccer tournament starts, or just because that’s when you run. Some people say it’s crazy but really it’s just a good friend.

They Help You Achieve Your  Goals – If you’re struggling with distance or a speed your running buddies are there to help. You can always run a little faster or a little longer with a good friend by your side.

They Listen to Stories About Your Boring Life – When you’re running with someone for hours at a time, you’re bound to talk about odd or embarrassing things. I mean, you have to pass the time some way. And you learn A LOT ( a lot a lot) about your running friends. Running friends entertain you with their stories and listen to yours. It’s a rewarding trade off.

They are Like Old Faithful – You’re running buddies are often times the most reliable people you know. They show up when they say they will show up. In the dark, in the cold, in the heat. It’s a great feeling knowing you have a friend to count on.

What are some reasons your running friends are the best?