5 Ways to Welcome New Year’s Resolution Members to Your Gym

The time is coming! The New Year is just around the corner and folks and the most common resolution is related to getting/staying fit and losing weight. This means that you will likely see many new folks at your gym or running groups eager to start living a heathy lifestyle, get in better shape, challenge themselves, and gain more confidence!

5 ways to welcome new years resolution members to your gym.

I can’t wait to see all the new members at the gym!  I look forward to it each year. Partly because I was one of those newbies once and have been lucky enough to build a group of acquaintances and friends that support my fitness endeavors.

So here a few tips developed by Fit Home and Health to help make the new people at your gym or running group feel welcome:

  1. Don’t be that person that complains about all the “New Years people” that will be at your gym. Everyone has to start somewhere. You were once new to your gym too and I’m sure you wouldn’t have wanted anyone to complain that you were there.
  2. Introduce yourself and make them feel welcome. As a new member I’m sure it’s intimidating walking in and not knowing where everything is at, your routine, all the people there or feeling like the new kid
  3. Please, please put your damn camera away and do not video people when they are doing something incorrectly. It’s not funny. It’s mean. Take a moment to go introduce yourself and offer to help them and show them the proper technique and let them know you just want them to get the best workout they can and do not want them to get injured.
  4. Make these new members feel welcome. Your support and encouragement will help them feel welcome and want to keep coming and help them hold true to their resolutions.
  5. Just remember: Always treat others as you would have them treat you. And who knows, maybe you will make a new friend who will help keep YOU accountable to your goals.