Oiselle Née Day Anniversary Sale

What is a Née Day? Well it’s French for happy birthday to Oiselle… and you!

Oiselle is turning ten, and to celebrate, their best styles are on sale. Plus – they are offering up party favors. Get $20 off an order in May, and their Flight Manual in every purchase. Don’t miss this anniversary opportunity – this #Flystyle will fly!


Here are a few of my favorite items that are included in this sale.

Muscle Long Sleeve Top

(Originally $76 Now $48)

The material is so smooth, but those shoulder cut outs are to die for!


Flyout Short Sleeve

(Originally $58 Now $42)

I’m head over heals for the Flyout material. The flyout material hovers over the body and its power is in complementing your body’s natural cooling process, by moving sweat to the surface where it evaporates away from your skin.


 Roga Running Skirt

(Originally $52 Now $38)
The one and only Roga Skirt is back and this time with hidden compression shorts. The result: even more coverage than the original. My Roga Skirt doubles as a running skirt and golf skirt. It’s got great, stretchy fabric and lots of coverage. I never thought I’d like running in a skirt but the Roga Skirt proved me wrong.


15% off Oiselle Flyte Long Sleeve

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The Flyte Long Sleeve shirt is a Oiselle staple simple because of all the power packed into this one running top. Seemless long sleeves so you aren’t chafing under your arms during your run. Arque™ Plya (69% nylon, 31% polyester) fabric so that it moves with your body but with enough structure that it isn’t clingy. And my favorite part, wicking anti-odor treatment. Let’s be honest, anti-order treatment on your running clothes is necessary.

Even though this shirt is hard working, the new spring colors are popping. Snap and Coast are two of my favorites.

Use code JASFLYTE for 15% off plus free stateside shipping on a Oiselle Flyte Long Sleeve shirt. Hurry, this offer ends March 31st.

15% Off Oiselle Lux Tank & Free Shipping

winona_tank_rio_red_f_5Oh Winona! The Lux Winona tank top was one of Oiselle’s first and fastest styles. It debuted in Real Simple magazine in January 2012 and was an instant hit. After many requests from their fan base, Oiselle brought this favorite back to the line. Pure and simple, Lux is the runner’s cashmere… it wicks, it performs, it washes tough – while staying beautiful, soft, and brilliant.

Use code SOFTLUX for 15% off plus free U.S. shipping on your Oiselle order that includes Lux Winona Tank through September 30.


Also, don’t forget Oiselle has a current Sale on Sale promotion. Save an extra 40% on sale styles with code LABORDAY. All sales final on sale styles, no returns or exchanges.

Friday Five: Olympic Edition

It’s that time again and we are here to take note of the five things that are helping us to ring in the weekend!

Olympics – Duh! The Olympics start today and it’s all anyone can talk about. The conditions in Rio may be a bit unnerving, what with zika and contaminated water and all, but it still encourages a sense of pride seeing fellow Americans compete at the top of their game in a global field. USA! USA! USA!

will ferrell usa

Oiselle Lori Shorts – To celebrate the Olympics I’ll be wearing my new Oiselle Lori Shorts in Podium Blue Paint Brush print. I love these shorts. They aren’t too poofy, have pockets and a neat design. P.S. They’re on sale!!


Runhers Discount – If watching top athletes bust a move during the Olympics incites courage and motivation in you to run your own race, well you’re in luck! You can now run the Spirit of Survival race for 10% less. Runhers Norman graciously posted a discount code for Spirit of Survival. To get 10% off registration for any of the Spirit of Survival races use discount code RUNHR.


Bad Moms – I’m going to see this movie this weekend and am freaking excited. Between Bad Moms and the Olympics, my weekend is set!


Vacuum dog – I’m obsessed with this dog. Number one, he isn’t afraid of the vacuum. Number two, just think of all the time you would save of having to sweep up the house if your dog would just let you vacuum them. Secret confession: my house is covered in dog fur.


Friday Five : Gilmore Girls

Happy Friday!!  We’re back for another edition of the Friday Five. Last week was the inaugural post of this new Run Oklahoma institution. So get set, and get ready for five things that topped the list this week.

theSkimm – The Daily Skimm is the email newsletter that gives you everything you need to know to start your day. They break down what’s going on in the world with fresh editorial content. theSkimm  helps me stay informed so I can sound like a smarty pants at work. It’s my most favorite thing getting dropped in my inbox (read: I get to much SPAM). Anyway, I love it and I hope you do too.


Halo Top Ice Cream – 100% all-natural light ice cream. 60-70 calories per serving, protein rich, sugar-poor, best ingredients, and tastes great. It’s not as creamy as regular full fat and sugar ice cream but it also doesn’t make you feel like sugar shit after eating it and Halo Top ice cream is packed full of delicious flavor. I tried the chocolate and mint chocolate chip flavors this week while binge watching the Gilmore Girls and you can imagine the pure guiltless heaven that it was.


S’more Halo Top, please!

A photo posted by Halo Top Creamery (@halotopcreamery) on

Oiselle O Snap Tank – I coveted this tank for about a year and finally bought one (on sale). It arrived this week and I couldn’t wait to try it on. The O Snap tank is everything I hoped it would be. Flattering of the shoulders, cool geometric shape, nice color (I got the storm color), and delightfully soft fabric. Versatile enough to wear casually out on the town or for a run. Love. Love. Love.


Races2Remember – With fall half marathon racing season just around the corner, I placed my order for my pace bands from Races 2 Remember. They customize your pace for the race course elevation and offer a bunch of different race strategies. I’m a fan of the modified warm up band. Also, you get three bands per order, so you’ll have options come race day!


Gilmore Girls on Netflix – I must confess, I never watched Gilmore Girls when it was on TV. I don’t know why I didn’t watch it but it may have to due with the fact that I as busy being a Nickleback fan (I’m so ashamed) and having my own awkward “girl coming of age” moments. Regardless, I started binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and I’m OBSESSED!!  I want to live in Stars Hollow, attend Chilton, and BE a Gilmore Girl. I only have a little over 3 months to watch all seven seasons before Netflix airs the reunion November 25. I’M SO EXCITED!!

gilmore girls

Friday Five: Jen Chooses Joy

We’re starting a new tradition called The Friday Five. But this idea isn’t new. Social media and blogging are, at times, a great way to connect with people you otherwise wouldn’t even know. Take, for example, Jen from Jen Chooses Joy. I “met” her through Instagram and caught on to her blog. She was very open about her experiences with running, incredibly engaging with her audience, and had an infectious outlook because the JOY radiated from the pages of her blog and from her pictures. But last fall she disappeared from the interwebs. She ran the NYC Marathon and POOF, she stopped posting all together. Perhaps her disappearance is due to the other side of social media and blogging that consists of internet trolls and negativity or maybe she just didn’t want to do it anymore. Whatever the reason, as a fan of her blog I wish her nothing but the best.

One of the things I miss from her blog is The Friday Five. It was just a list of five things that she was thinking about, laughing about, or enjoying. That’s it. Just five things going on in her life. But oddly enough it was a fun quick way to connect with someone or just something silly to look forward to on Friday. With Jen’s departure from blogging, I’m going to pick up The Friday Five tradition and make it a regular topic for Run Oklahoma. So without further ado, let’s get Friday rolling with Run Oklahoma’s first Friday Five.

1. Ice Cold Showers – After running in the heat of the summer an immediate shower sure sounds magnificent. A much needed way to rinse away all the sweat and salt. A hot or even warm shower just doesn’t seem to do the trick because I’m still sweating after the shower. So I’ve diverted to cold showers. I must say they are actually a relief from the humidity. It feels like steam is coming off my head once that cold water hits me. Not only has it been really good for my hair and skin, but I like to think that the cold water helps with muscle fatigue and inflammation from my runs and aiding with recovery. Not sure if it is but who cares; I like it.




2. Walmart Grocery Pick Up – They must have heard customers loud and clear that were saying “I’d rather pay more money and go to Target than go to Walmart” because now you don’t have to go inside Walmart to get their deals. A couple of months ago Walmart launched their Free Grocery Pick Up. You simply place an order online, choose a time slot, and your order will be loaded directly into your car at your local Walmart. I’ve tried it and I’m hooked.



3. Oiselle Go Tank and Flyte Shorts – This is my go to summer running outfit. The Go Tank is the quintessential Oiselle summer tank. Light weight. Breathable. Comfortable. Cute colors. The Flyte Shorts are like a second skin ensuring that thigh rubbing  and subsequent chaffing are kept to a minimum.


4. The Assistants – I’m currently reading this book about underpaid millennial assistants that steal money from the multinational media conglomerate they work for to pay off thousands of dollars of student loan debt. I’m half way through and so far so good.


5. Salad Cat – I know it’s ridiculous but I look at this picture probably once a day and get a chuckle from it. Every. Single. Time.


Potty Talk and a Mixed Bag of Emotions at #OKCMarathon

Last fall I ran in the Route 66 Half Marathon and the introvert in me really enjoyed listening to the funny conversations other runners were having around me. The Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon was no different and many of the conversations were dominated with potty talk.


That’s the beauty of runners; if you run long enough you lose your inhibition and have no problem talking about your bathroom business. For much of the first 6 miles I heard conversations like these.

“I told him to use that first porta-potty back there. But did he listen? No! Now he has to wait in a line”

“Dude, I keep farting. Never trust a fart”

“My stomach hurts so bad. I feel like I’m going to poop my pants”

“You should have used the bathroom when you had the chance”

But beyond bathroom news, there was a lot of love and genuine care on the course. I saw several couples holding hands, many people running with “In Memory of…” bibs on their backs, spectators thanking the runners, runners thanking the spectators, and lots of candy, beer, liquor, popsicles, donuts, bacon, and sausage being handed out along the course.

My family even came out to cheer me on. They weren’t planning to come out to the course so it was a great surprise to find my adorable husband jumping up and down at mile 10 to get my attention. I got two hugs from my girls and it was felt amazing to have them there supporting me. God bless my oldest daughter who thinks that because I bring home a medal that I won the race. It’s beyond flattering she thinks so highly of me and believes it’s possible for me to win these races. Her faith in me means more than all of the racing medals. I hope she has the same confidence in herself throughout her life.


Although there was a lot of chatter at the beginning of the race, by mile 11 when exhaustion had begun to set in, a hush had taken hold of many runners. For a moment we were almost a harmonious drumming of heaving breathing and rubber soles scuffing the pavement. All thankful to be in misery together but eager for the finish line.

For me, the race was a mixed bag of emotions. It was exhilarating to participate in a race with such strong community ties. Also, this event was kind of a celebration of the running community I’ve become a part of over the past year. As an introvert I have a difficult time making new friends but through Oiselle and running I have met so many amazing women. I’m extremely proud to call these women my friends. It was great to have the ladies that I have spent so many early morning miles with there to cheered me on and I was able to cheer them on as well. Despite all the great things about the Oklahoma City Memorial half marathon, running continues to elude me. I have hit a plateau with my speed and it’s maddening. I try different racing strategies and training plans but I can’t seem to break into a 2:10 half marathon. Despite a feeling of disappointment of my overall performance, I am not defeated. I came home Sunday hungry for another race.


Right now I have no races planned for the remainder of the year but need to figure out a plan soon. I’m deliberating between spending the summer on shorter distances, weight training and speed work or just biting the bullet and training for a full marathon Any advice?

Funny Things #HeardonRT66 and a New Personal Record

I remember my first half marathon. I ran it in 2009 as a challenge to myself to see if I could do it. I didn’t have kids at the time and I don’t know what in the heck I was doing with my free time but I didn’t stick to my training plan or cross training and ended up with multiple injuries. I hobbled my way through that race and loathed the entire experience. I checked it off my bucket list and didn’t really think about running another half marathon until this year.

2015 started with me making a promise to myself to get my physical and emotional health back on track. After two kids and a serious bout of postpartum depression, I still felt like a stranger in my own body. I didn’t recognize the spare tire around my mushy mid section and was riddled with anxiety. In January, I decided to get in shape. Like, really get in shape. So I decided to sign up for the Route 66 Half Marathon. I would give myself plenty of time to train and incorporate strength training and cross training to be sure to prevent injuries this time. Eleven months later, I found myself at the start line of the Route 66 Half Marathon feeling mentally and physically healthy, strong, and injury free.

Photo Cred: Rt 66

This was the first time I had ever run the Route 66 Half Marathon and I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I had been warned about the hills and I’m glad I was. I had prepared and trained for them. I repeated my mantra for 90% of the race. “Your quads were made for hills. Your strong legs can handle these hills.” And luckily, the hills made the course more interesting. It was more like an interval run rather than a flat, pounding tempo run. The only time the hills were a problem was at mile 12 when my legs were shredded, my knee was aching, and my feet were cramped up (I think I tied my shoelaces too tight and didn’t know it cause my feet were frozen at the start line).

Photo Cred: RT 66

I had effectively trained for the hills. However, I wasn’t prepared for the ruckus of this particular race. There was crowd support basically the entire course. And I don’t mean just clapping and cowbells. I mean beer flinging, jello-shot having, loud music blaring dance parties along the course. There were live bands at some locations, cheerleaders at others. The city of Tulsa was seemingly completely taken over by this race, its participants, and its supporters.
So I disconnected. I took my earphones out, and put my phone away. I didn’t listen to any music. I didn’t have the voice of the Strava lady telling me my pace and distance. I didn’t need any of that. I wasn’t pushing for a pace. I was running by how I felt and enjoying the fun along the course; talking to other runners, high-fiving supporters. It was exactly what I needed. On that race, I was just running for the fun of it. Celebrating the reasons I signed up for the race in the first place; to be happy and healthy. And I couldn’t believe it. I crossed the finish line and had a new personal record. I had beat my test run half marathon time earlier this year by about 20 seconds. 

Because I didn’t have my headphones in, I eaves dropped on many conversations. Some of the conversations were mundane, some sad, some funny, some disgusting (there is no shame about bodily functions for runners). Here are a few of the gems I heard along the course.

“What do you think the dog is doing right now? He’s either sleeping or licking himself.”
I hope the dog was sleeping but as luck would have it he was probably licking himself.

“Hey handsome! You’re cute! Can I run with you for a little while?”
Who knew picking up a date during a race could be so easy.

“Why? Why do I do this to myself. Never again. Never again.”
Okay, this quote was from me at mile 8 and 9. It never fails. Mile 8 is where I break down. It’s my kryptonite.

“You know that porta-potty back there? Somebody pooped all over the floor.”
This guy kept talking but I couldn’t really hear him and I was too busy looking for poop on the bottom of his shoes.

Have you heard any funny, crazy, surprising things on the race course before?

Wow, what a difference from my first half marathon several years ago. I had so much fun at the Route 66 Half Marathon and am ready to sign up for next year. But that’s an entire year away and I’ve got the bug. I’m fully addicted to this half marathon thing. So what’s next? Maybe Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Dallas?

Runner Like You – Jennifer Hilger

Last month’s blog post that highlighted “Runner LIke You”, Becky Craig was a great success! There are many amazing folks here in Oklahoma that make running and fitness a priority. It’s extremely rewarding to know that others, like me, enjoy learning more about these dedicated runners.  In addition, it’s an honor to highlight a few of those runners and share their stories and contributions to running communities around Oklahoma. I’m ecstatic to introduce you to a runner that makes marathons appear to be a party. Her enthusiasm and flare for the sport make you want to join her on long runs or, at the very least, cheer her along from her Instagram feed. Jen is an Arts education advocate, a member of Red Coyote Racing as well as Oiselle Volée. She is also a Nuunbassador and last but not least, Dopey certified (completing the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon within pacing requirements at runDisney). Jen was nice enough to answer a few questions about how she got started and what her most recent marathon meant to her.

Jen running in the NYC Marathon
Jen running in the NYC Marathon


1. Why did you first start running?

Basically because I couldn’t run! I used to be a band director and as a part of summer band the students ran to help build endurance to perform a 7+ minute marching show. I wouldn’t ever ask a student to do something I wouldn’t be willing to do myself, and my first couple years of teaching I struggled to keep up with ANY of the kids. So, during spring break in 2010, I started the couch-to-5k running program in hopes that I could somewhat keep up with the students during summer band. A friend said I should sign-up for a 5k since I was doing the training. I had no idea what a 5k was or that races were even a thing. I found one to run, and have been hooked ever since!

2. You just finished the NYC Marathon. To gain entry you completed fundraising for Team for Kids. Can you tell us about the timeline for fundraising and your experience for running for a charity?

I didn’t sign-up to be a charity runner until early March, so I had from March until October 1st to raise my commitment of $2,620. Registration to be a charity runner for 2016 is already open so participants could potentially have almost a year to raise the funds. I registered at the same time as another running buddy here in OKC with the commitment that we would help each other with training and fundraising. We were very fortunate to have so many people step in to help us fundraise! One of our running buddies typically brings a crockpot meal for after our Thursday social runs for everyone to enjoy. She hasn’t ever asked for compensation, but people have often tried to give her money since she essentially made their dinner! After we started fundraising, she set up a jar to collect donations towards our efforts!

We also have another friend that hosts do-it-yourself paint parties. She helped us host “Make your own medal hanger” parties to help us with our fundraising. People had a fun night with friends, made something for their race bling, ate a good dinner, and we were able to raise a lot of money thanks to the generosity of our friend only charging for the materials! (Special shout-out to PhotoVille for leading the parties, and Café Icon for donating 10% of food profits to our fundraisers!) I was lucky enough to reach my fundraising goal on my birthday in August thanks to the generosity of everyone that donated! My training took on a whole new meaning . . . people gave their money to an organization on my behalf, I had to get out there and train! (For those times I might have rather stay in bed!)

It’s hard for me to put my experience of running for a charity into words. For big races like the NYC Marathon, there are so many charities to chose from. I knew that Team for Kids was a huge charity with the New York Road Runners and that the “perks” were awesome, but I researched many organizations before committing because I wanted this to be truly meaningful to my heart. (Note: fundraising for ANY charity is incredible! I think to successfully fundraise that you need to find an organization that pulls at YOUR heartstrings. Potential donors want to know your heart is 100% in with the cause.)

Team for Kids spoke to me from the first moment I heard of the organization, and after researching other causes; I knew Team for Kids was the perfect place for me! Even though Team for Kids is based in NYC, money raised goes to school programs all around the country. TFK did host weekly runs in NYC for the locals (or if you were traveling in the area you could stop in!), and they were great about posting accountability posts and weekly emails for those of us that couldn’t join the fun in person.

Jen Hilger and Meb Keflezighi
Jen met with Olympic silver Medalist, Boston Marathon Winner, and Team for Kids ambassador Meb Keflezighi at the 2016 NYC Marathon.

Fast forward to race week . . . the NYC Marathon has a formal opening ceremony on the Friday before the race. It is basically a celebration and a parade of all nations represented. Team for Kids gets to start the parade since they are the biggest charity partner with the race. I was lucky to get a spot in the parade! I got to meet kids that directly benefitted from my fundraising efforts. WOW! (I also got to meet Meb who is a Team for Kids ambassador!) On Saturday morning, TFK hosted a breakfast for all fundraisers. Again, we got to meet more kids and we were able to visit with some of their parents also. By the end of the breakfast, my heart was completely full. I started training with a specific finishing time and was determined to do it, but after the full experience of fundraising, I honestly just felt completely lucky to get to run the NYC Marathon for Team for Kids!


The fundraising experience was so fulfilling that I know that’s my path for future races. If I ever get a qualifying time for certain major races, awesome. . . but I will be running them for charity!

3. You have run over a dozen marathons and about 20 half marathons. Each of these races takes a lot of time for training. How do you stay motivated when you don’t want to run?

Wow, this question has so many answers! Sometimes a hot cup of coffee or a cold popsicle waiting at home motivates me to just go get it done. Other times I just remember my goals and how bad a half marathon or marathon will hurt if I don’t properly train. I’m a terrible liar, so knowing my friends can ask me at any time how my training is going also provides motivation. I would be embarrassed if I was constantly lazy during a time of training! My husband is great at keeping me motivated. I have my conscience, but I also have his voice to remind me of my goals, and sometimes our schedules line up for him to run with me! In the spring I am a training coach for Red Coyote Running & Fitness, so I have built-in accountability! I need to always be on my A game to help those in the training program. The participants always inspire me and make running so much fun! (Even in the dark, cold, wind, snow, etc…) As I mentioned earlier, training for NYC took on a whole new meaning for me. All of my training miles had so much value, whether I felt like running or not. I was very focused on achieving my goal, and making Team for Kids proud to have me as one of their runners.

4. Because you have run in so many races, what are the top three “little things” you do to prevent injury?

Running more frequently while gradually building miles. (To prevent injury…wait, what?) Running 4-5 times a week has helped my body get used to running frequently, and it’s still possible to do so while gradually building miles. When I first started training for long-distance races I was lucky to get in three runs/week, and I wondered why I hurt so much after long runs. Now, I love running a 100+ mile month with my longest run only being 10 miles! Or 36 mile weeks with my longest run only being 14 miles.
Listen to my body! If something hurts, I try to not ignore it! It can usually be a simple stretching solution, or maybe I slept in a weird way one night. Or maybe it’s new shoe time. . . I mean, isn’t it always new shoe time?!
Sleep! It’s easy to remember that you have to get to bed early the night before a long run, but we can sometimes neglect sleep throughout the week. It’s obviously difficult for most adults to nap on a consistent basis, so getting to bed at a decent time is very important every night of the week for successful training.

5. What’s next, racewise?

Jen and her husband finishing a runDisney event as newlyweds.
Jen and her husband finishing a runDisney event as newlyweds.

My next big race weekend will be the RunDisney Star Wars Rebel Challenge (10k + Half Marathon) + 5k over three days! My husband and I are running these races together as a part of our celebration of our first wedding anniversary!

6. If you could deliver one message to fellow runners like you, what would it be?

Smile! (And sparkle!) My good friend Layla always reminds me before a big race to SMILE! Whether I am running a personal best or personal worst, I am always thankful for the experience. Smiling doesn’t exert extra energy, and makes everyone feel better. I try to take a selfie after every run to remind myself that I did it, and still smiled at the end no matter the quality of the run.

Sparkle! Whether that means literally, like with a sparkle skirt, or just find your own sparkle! Don’t be afraid to be yourself! I think one really unique aspect about running is that it attracts all types of people. There is no reason to fit in a mold in running, so why try? If you want to run races in tutus, do it! If you want to repeat the same races over and over, do it. Running is such a freeing experience, no sense in not being yourself!


Lightning Round:

Compression Socks: Yes or no?

Depends on the situation. I rarely wear them for races anymore, but frequently use them for recovery!

Running Solo or with a group?

NYC Marathon or runDisney?
There is no short answer on this one, ha!! Both are very special to me for different reasons, and I’m not sure I could chose!

I’mmmmm Baaaaack – Summer 2015 Recap

Wow! What a summer it has been. Posts to Run Oklahoma have been few and far between lately because I have a job that has some seasonal aspects to it. The summer months tend to be the busiest where workloads increase by almost double. So I’m so excited that my job is starting to slow down and come to a much more normal pace, meaning that I can use my spare time to work on things I love, like Run Oklahoma! Yay!

Even though I wasn’t posting much to Run Oklahoma, that didn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about running. If you follow my Instagram account I’ve been diligently training for the Tulsa Half Marathon. Training has been going well. I’ve been able to remain injury free and even though I have to make adjustments to my training schedule due to LIFE I’m getting my miles in.

running 10 miles

Other exciting news is that I joined Oiselle Voilee.  Oiselle is all about helping women run free and fast! Currently Voilee has 750+ women from across the country who represent the Oiselle brand as they train and race toward their running goals. I’m lucky enough to be one of them!  Above all, the team is about  seeing running not just as a sport, but as a life philosophy. I’m so excited to be connected to such an amazing group of women (and some “bro birds” too) and encourage and support each other in our running endeavors. I’ve recently received my racing singlet and am sooooo excited to wear it to my fall races!


Last, but certainly not least, this summer was a moment of reckoning for me in terms  of my nutrition. As my running goals get a bit more aggressive I was continuing to take short cuts with my nutrition. I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted to.  Obviously, I’m not 21 anymore and I can’t continue to put junk in my body and hit my fitness goals. So I decided to take the plunge and give the 21 Day Fix a try. One of the reasons I decided to give it a try is because it is NOT A DIET. But rather a simple, no-fuss eating program that uses a portion control system to help determine how much of each food group you should consume daily. Besides, who doesn’t like the brightly colored tupperware that comes along with it! I’ve seen great results and have actually enjoyed the way I feel and energy I’ve received from using the program. I don’t want to give too much away cause I’ll have separate post on my 21 Day trial coming soon.


Pheeeewww! A lot’s been going on this summer. What have you been up to? Training for upcoming races? Taking a break with pool parties and cookouts? Just starting out as a new runner? Whatever you’ve been up to I’d love to hear from you!