Friday Five: Back to School

Back to School – Can you hear that? It’s the sound of heavenly angels singing the sweet praises to God because kids were sent BACK TO SCHOOL this week. Hallelujah!


Sugar Shenanigans – Each year, the way I celebrate back to school (and bribe teachers) is with Sugar Shenanigans homemade decorated sugar cookies. They are impeccably decorated and delicious.

sugar shenanigans

Relationship Goals – The 2016 Olympic games seem to have produced a wider range of stories than any other games. From women’s gymnastics, to diving, to swimmer scandals. But none have captured my heart as much as the budding bromance between Jamaican Usain Bolt and Canadian Andre De Grasse. I love the competitive spirit of the young fresh athlete wanting to beat the best in the world. Those friendly rivalries are what push us to be better and I love to see it at the Olympics.



Proudly American Balega – I LOVE the Balega Ultralight No Show socks for these hot and humid summer runs and I’m obsessed with my Proudly American Limited Edition. I stay cool and feel patriotic all at the same time. Thank you Balega!.



#TrumpExplainsMoviePlots – Yesterday Twitter exploded with users sharing their favorite movie plots using the style of speech Trump has now become synonymous with. All politics aside, some of these are just funny.

Friday Five: Olympic Edition

It’s that time again and we are here to take note of the five things that are helping us to ring in the weekend!

Olympics – Duh! The Olympics start today and it’s all anyone can talk about. The conditions in Rio may be a bit unnerving, what with zika and contaminated water and all, but it still encourages a sense of pride seeing fellow Americans compete at the top of their game in a global field. USA! USA! USA!

will ferrell usa

Oiselle Lori Shorts – To celebrate the Olympics I’ll be wearing my new Oiselle Lori Shorts in Podium Blue Paint Brush print. I love these shorts. They aren’t too poofy, have pockets and a neat design. P.S. They’re on sale!!


Runhers Discount – If watching top athletes bust a move during the Olympics incites courage and motivation in you to run your own race, well you’re in luck! You can now run the Spirit of Survival race for 10% less. Runhers Norman graciously posted a discount code for Spirit of Survival. To get 10% off registration for any of the Spirit of Survival races use discount code RUNHR.


Bad Moms – I’m going to see this movie this weekend and am freaking excited. Between Bad Moms and the Olympics, my weekend is set!


Vacuum dog – I’m obsessed with this dog. Number one, he isn’t afraid of the vacuum. Number two, just think of all the time you would save of having to sweep up the house if your dog would just let you vacuum them. Secret confession: my house is covered in dog fur.