Three Important Things to Remember When Buying Running Shoes

You’ve decided it’s time to upgrade those ratty old sneakers that have seen better days. The only trouble with leaving your old, faithful sneaks behind is the daunting selection of running shoes that exists. It’s likely been several years since you purchased your current shoes and therefore entirely possible the newest model of the same shoes is now different. So it just makes sense to really take inventory of what the running shoe market has to offer these days and research some different options.

  1. Expect a Workout – The best and really only way to know if a shoe is right for you is to get moving in them. Most running stores have a treadmill within the store or will allow you to take the shoes outside for a quick jog in the parking lot. When taking your test drive of the shoes, pay close attention to all of the pinches and pokes you feel in the shoe. They may seem minuscule right now but deep into your log run those once small pinches will feel like a boulder in your shoe.
  2. Shoes Make a Difference – You may not be an elite runner with a sponsorship deal but you do deserve a good quality shoe in your budget. I urge you to save up and allow yourself to splurge on a shoe towards the higher end of your budget that meets all your fit requirements. Your feet are where this running journey begins, so be good to them and you will hopefully be able to continue running for years to come.
  3. Listen to Your Gut – Most Sales Associates at speciality running stores are well versed in the different styles and fits of various running shoes. They are there to assist you and often guide you in the right direction. However, you are ultimately the one that knows your body best and what your feet feel most comfortable in. Listen to your instincts and choose the shoe that feels the best on your foot. You will have a long relationship with them so might as well start off on a good note.

The bottom line in finding the shoe that’s right for you is be patient and don’t be afraid to try on a million shoes.

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