What to Wear on Your Run?

Fall and spring are the best times of year to get outside and run. However, with mild temperatures you may find yourself overdressed. Having to peel off layers and stash them for the remainder of a run can be a pain.  Well, so can drastically under dressing. Whichever side you tend to fall on, here are some simple guidelines to help you dress for any run. Don’t forget essential running accessories like hats, gloves, and sunscreen depending on season and preferences.

What to Wear on Your Run

What to Wear on Your Run Infographic


More Ideas on What to Wear

Also here’s a list of web based tools to help you figure out what to wear on your next run.

Runner’s World – What to Wear – Just enter a few details about your run and it will determine the perfect attire for your run.

Dress My Run –  No need to enter any data. It determines your location from your computer’s IP address and displays the current weather conditions as well as what to wear on you run. To top it off, the site provides links to purchase the items on Amazon.

What to Wear When Running – Fleet Feet Mahwah has a great article on the different types of fabrics running clothes are made of and when to wear them. Not all fibers are equal.


Are there guidelines or rules of thumb you follow to dress for your runs?




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